Your best destination wedding

We know location is everything. That’s why you should choos Italy for your wedding: villages set in beautiful valleys, famous art heritage cities, charming beaches and breathtaking views are waiting for you in this beautiful country.

You just need to share your dreams with us and let us know how your wedding abroad should be, and we’re going to take care of everything. We’re able to find the perfect venue for your ideal ceremony and wedding reception in Italy, and we take very pleasure helping you with it.


Do you need any suggestion or advice about your wedding planning? Just ask us!
Nature lovers will find in Italy the perfect place to be: our consultants will show you fantastic beaches that match the beauty of Caribbean ones , beautiful meadows and lush hills you did not know before.

For example, have you ever imagined to say “Yes, i do!” in a charming mountain lakeside, or in a small ancient country town?
This is italy, and you will totally fall in love with it.

From Tuscany to Amalfi coast, from medieval villages to iconic cities across the country like Venice, Florence and Rome, the most romantic peninsula in the world can offer you exactly what you’re looking for.


Do you fancy celebrate the most important day of your life in one of the incredible Sardinia and Sicily beaches , or maybe you prefer the outstanding natural cliffs along the Mediterranean coast? You have the choice.

Villas, gardens, churches, castles, palaces and beaches all through Italy are waiting for you.

Let’s go for them!