Rome, getting Married in the centre of the world

Rome is a vibrant historic city that has so much art and culture. It’s just the perfect frame for every kind of wedding. Fabulous views, ancient monuments, delightful villas and fascinating sights will win you and your guests, adding a unique value to your wedding celebration.

You can celebrate your wedding in the “Eternal City” and get married in one of the most famous and charming churches in the world. Otherwise, you should have your “Yes, I do!” moment in a fabulous location full of history across the city or in the countryside.

The capital of Italy can offer you several options for your special day: exploring the seven hills which form the city you will find enchanting locations like villas and buildings that are part of the artistic heritage of Rome, which is deep loved all over the world. Can you imagine a more beautiful spot than Tiber riverside? 

With a unique beauty and its history, Rome was able to charm and bewitch writers, poets and artists from all over the world, who have celebrated the essence and atmosphere. Getting married in Rome will allows you to be part of this history.  

Rome is a perfect location for weddings during all seasons, thanks to its mild climate. Last but not least, the Eternal City is great from a “logistic” perspective, because it can provide you all the facilities you need in order to better welcome your guests. With two international airports and several train stations, you and your relatives can easily travel from and to Rome from all over the world and take the most out of your wedding experience in Italy. With Venusee, of course.

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