Umbria, a pearl waiting to be discovered

Umbria is considered the “green heart” of Italy, nestled between Appennine mountains. Even if the area keeps being unspoiled by the mass tourism, Umbria is becoming a very popular wedding destination, particulary appreciate by foreign couples because of its natural, historic and cultural heritage.

Newlyweds have a preference for impressive places like Trasimeno lakeside and its spectacular views. This lake is surrounded by green hills rich in olive groves and vineyards and the area comprises genuine traditional italian villages, where the time seems to stand still.

Are you an urban places lover? We are sure you would fancy getting married in one of the most precious towns in Umbria: Norcia, Gubbio Spoleto, Orvieto and the famous Assisi known as St. Francesco’s home town. Every town in Umbria can boast museum like quality venues and a breathtaking panorama.

We know how difficult can be choosing the ideal wedding venue, isn’t it? But don’t worry, we are here to help you!

Our professional wedding planners will provide you a complete sheet with all the details you need to know about every venue, in order to help you with your choice.

We will take care of everything and you won’t need to worry about any licence, furniture or planning task. You just have to relax and prepare yourself for the best day of your life in Umbria, totally produced by Venusee.

You won’t feel away from home, guaranteed.

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