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You’ll see all your dreams come true. We are expert wedding professionals but dreamers and lovers of fairy tales too. We are lovers and beloved. We form part of a team who is able to read your own tale in your eyes and make it real during the best day of your life. Venusee is all of this and much more.


We are specialized in luxury weddings in Italy and we use to select heavenly locations across the country, princely castles and characteristic villages located in our finest regions. We can count on the full cooperation of specialized professional suppliers, in addition to quality equipment suitables for all tastes. Let’s keep your peace of mind and plan your luxury wedding in Italy with us! Enjoy the dreamy athmosphere of this country with your loved ones and celebrate your perfect day in one of the most fascinating settings in the world. We will have an emotional and unique journey together, which you will remember for the rest of your life.

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